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Bluestocking is an online journal that investigates the intellectual and artistic achievements of women throughout history. We publish insightful articles about the work of female thinkers of the past and present, raising the profile of women as major actors in the history of ideas.

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To engage in discussions on the contemporary routes and implications of feminism in discourse and practice, be sure to attend the following course run The Knowledge Project, taking place in May-June 2015: kp

The Knowledge Project presents: ‘What is Feminism?’ A unique and thoroughly contemporary course on what it means to be a feminist in today’s world.
Developed by the talented Monique Ma-Velous of Sydney University (Gender Studies) and University of Oxford, this course covers the roots of feminism, as well as the deep set issues of contemporary discourse surrounding gender, equality and intersectionality. All proceeds are donated to children’s charity Jacari.

What is Feminism? Tuesdays 6.30-8pm, 12th May – 30th June 2015. http://www.knowledgeproject.co.uk/courses/what-is-feminismBeyonce Feminist

Latest Articles

Counterpart Lives: Margaret Cavendish and Lady Anne Conway’. By Alice Theobald

‘Elizabeth: The First Things to Remember’. By Anna Simpson

‘A Renaissance Flâneur: Isabella Whitney’s willed urban self’. By Alice Theobald and Professor Jill Ingram

‘Nature is the nurse of sentiment’: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Scandinavian Travelogue. By Alice Theobald

Beatrice Webb: Progressive Politics and a Pragmatic Outlook on War. By Alice Theobald

An Unwilling Empress: Sisi through the lens of her poetry and the portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter. By Alice Theobald

Bluestocking Interviews Professor Martha Nussbaum

A Life Less Ordinary: Emmeline Pankhurst’s Fight for Equality. By Ellen Wright

Madame de Staël – Literature, Society and “Woman”. By Helen Craske. 

Registering Desire: Spousal and Appetitive Imagery in the Religious and Devotional Poetry of Christina Rossetti. By Alice Theobald. 

What was a girl to do? Rachel Parsons (1885-1956): engineer and feminist campaigner. By Henrietta Heald. 

The Bluestocking held its 2014/2015 launch in November, featuring a panel of distinguished speakers each delivering a ‘defence’ of a chosen woman from history as part of a Balloon Debate. More details of the evening can be found here.


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