Who are we?

Bluestocking is an online journal that investigates the intellectual and artistic achievements of women throughout history. We publish insightful articles about the work of female thinkers of the past and present, raising the profile of women as major actors in the history of ideas.

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Issue 11 (March 2013)

Women as creative thinkers is an apt tagline for this issue. Throughout history, women have been marginalised as powerful movers and shakers. Now, after the advent of women’s history and gender studies, we are able more than ever to discover and appreciate the incredible work of women across the world.

What binds these articles together is the strength and influence of particular women within their fields; it is a privilege to read of the energy these women exerted in their intellectual and physical endeavours. We can learn from them, and take their courage and hard work with us as the legacies of inspirational characters as we move forwards in a world of greater equality and empowered women today.