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Editor: Olivia Wrafter

The Strangeness Within: Julia Kristeva and Cosmopolitanism — The Princess and the Pea: Princess Marie Bonaparte’s Search for a Vaginal Orgasm — Mavis Gallant, ‘The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street’ — Sketches of a Gaze: Céline Sciamma’s Watchful Cinema — “O, Portia! take my heart”: Ellen Terry and the Aesthetics of Costume — Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft: A Sublime Lineage — Janelle Monàe and Lana Del Rey: The Feminist Potential of Vocal ‘Inauthenticity’


Editor: Julyan Oldham

Alice Ball and the Fight against Leprosy — An Interview with Lalla Essaydi — A Conversation with Emily Temple-Wood — Louise Dupin: Bluestocking’s 18th Century Predecessor — Doris Salcedo’s Untitleds – – – An Interview with June Purvis: The Demonisation of the Suffragettes – – – Bluestocking Recommends… Best Films Directed by Women – – – Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern – – – A Conversation with Playwright Flo Read – – – Mamie Phipps Clark: Psychologist and Activist – – – Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women – – – A Conversation with Jane Robinson on Bluestockings


Editor: Alice Theobald

Counterpart Lives: Margaret Cavendish and Lady Anne Conway – — Elizabeth: The First Things to Remember — A Renaissance Flâneur: Isabella Whitney’s willed urban self — ‘Nature is the nurse of sentiment’: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Scandinavian Travelogue —Beatrice Webb: Progressive Politics and a Pragmatic Outlook on War — An Unwilling Empress: Sisi through the lens of her poetry and the portraits of Franz Xaver Winterhalter — Interview with Professor Martha Nussbaum — A Life Less Ordinary: Emmeline Pankhurst’s Fight for Equality — Madame de Staël – Literature, Society and “Woman” — Registering Desire: Spousal and Appetitive Imagery in the Religious and Devotional Poetry of Christina Rossetti


Editor: Claire Rodwell 

Rachel Parsons (1885-1956): engineer and feminist campaigner


Editor: Georgia Mizen

Friendship in Emblem: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in the Poetry of Katherine Philips — Gertrude Stein — Alice Vanderbilt Morris: Interlingua and the case for a global language — Making the Marginal the Pivotal: The importance of writing maritime history from a ‘gender perspective’ — The Persephone Book of Short Stories


Editor: Hannah Lee

The Role of Political Spouses: A Discussion — The art of Frauke Eigen and Jenny Stolzenberg — Finding an inner voice through outer expression in the music of Meredith Monk — Women and the Home Guard — Muriel Paget, gender and philanthropy in the interwar years — Late 18th century women travel writers and ‘philosophic geography’ — Elizabeth Nihell and the struggle to champion female midwifery — Henrietta Swan Leavitt — Beowulf and the women of Early Medieval Europe

Editor: Monika Kreile

Women in the Sciences: a short film — Scientific Women: Finding ‘a way in’ through the centuries — Recovering Lost Voices: An interview with Professor Jane Martin — Project Juno: Trudy Coe and Women in Physics — Rosetti’s Other Women — No Sex Please, We’re Hellenic: Female Solidarity in the Lysistrata — The Rise of Women’s Letter-Writing in the Eighteenth Century —Communities of Women in the Inter-War Oxford Novel


Editor: Mona Sakr

Breaking Up of the Bluestocking Club — Golden Notebook, Golden Ladies? — Minnie James and Images of the Woman Librarian — Education and Social Change in George Eliot’s Middlemarch — Laetitia Pilkington by Virginia Woolf

Editor: Leila Molana-Allen

Elinor Ostrom and Economic Governance — Kate Mosse: the Other Kate — Iris Murdoch’s Philosophy in Fiction — Mary Montagu — Saint Clare of Assisi: Living by the Rule — Women Historians and Female Kinship — ‘Someone in another time will remember us’ — Thomas Sprat, Margaret Cavendish and Aphra Behn — Diane von Furstenberg — Jane Goodall


Editor: Raffaella Tomassi

From the Editors of Issue 6 — The Foundation of Japan’s First Feminist Journal — Carol Ann Duffy: a chorus of female voices — MC Lyte has substance — Catherine de’Medici, Diane de Poitiers and the Creation of a Regal Iconography — Early Modern Europe: the forgotten world of the woman — Hedy Lamarr — The silent rebellion of Elizabeth Cary — Emmy Noether


Editor: Kate Bowden

Marriage and widowhood in later medieval England — Germaine Greer: feminist icon of the twentieth century? — How Mary Anning Struck Scientific Gold — Appraising and Reappraising the Aviator Hannah Reitsch — Anni Albers and Textile Art — Julian of Norwich — Intensity of Vision: A. S. Byatt’s The Shadow of the Sun — Where Loss Resides: the Poetry of Christina Rosetti — Naomi Weisstein

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the Crystallography Quest — Elizabeth Colson’s love affair with anthropology — A Homage to Grace Jones: Icon of Incoherence — Lee Miller — Georgia O’Keeffe and Virginia Woolf — A Buried Woman of Egyptology — The Second Sex — Irene Joliot-Curie: Pioneer of Atomic Science — Henrietta Swan Leavitt and the Harvard Computers

Editor: Rebecca Gregory

Bluestocking Recommends — From the Editors of Issue 3 — Bluestocking presents Elisabeth Gray — The Musical Lives of Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann — Mary Fairfax Somerville: Queen of Nineteenth Century Science — Margaret Sanger — Lise Meitner: The Nucleus of Fission — Virginia Woolf and the Search for a Room of One’s Own — Heloise, Sin and Intention — Grace Hopper: Pioneer of Programming

Bluestocking Recommends — Bluestocking Interviews Bettany Hughes — Two Bronte Sisters and the Struggle Against Convention — Emilie Du Chatelet: The Multi-Tasking Marquise — Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina — Dorothea Bate — Mary Magdalene — An Intimate Critique of Mina Loy’s Poem Der Blinde Junge — Trota di Ruggiero — Olympe de Gouges

Editor: Mona Sakr

Notes from the Founding Editors — Sulpicia Answers Back — The Spirituality of Saint Clare — Gabriele Munter: The Yellow House and Boating — Rosa Luxemburg and the Theory of Mass Strike — Hildegard of Bingen — Rosalind Franklin: Beyond the Helix — Morality and Art: The Fiction of Inescapability — Jocelyn Bell and the Lighthouses of the Sky

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