Writing Guidelines

Before you get started on your Bluestocking article, please take a look at the following guidelines for writing.


The purpose of Bluestocking is to promote the image of women as active contributors to creative thinking. Therefore, all Bluestocking articles should aim to focus on the work of a woman in history. Particular links between the work of multiple women can also be the subject of an article. We stress the importance of focusing not on biographical details but on the work (discoveries/theories/creations) of these women.

Since the work of a featured woman is likely to be extensive, we suggest that you focus on one aspect of their work or a particular theme. For example, if I were to write about the playwright Aphra Behn, I might focus on the portrayal of love in two Behn plays.

We understand that for Science articles in particular there may be a difficult balance to strike between looking at specific points of a contribution and remaining accessible to students of all discipline. It might be useful to look at articles in popular science journals (e.g. New Scientist) for inspiration as to how you might bring both intellectual weight and accessibility to your article.

 Points of Style:

– Articles are limited to 1000 words.

– The format and grammatical technicalities of the article need only be discussed once it is completed and accepted by the editors.

-Do not include links within the text of the article.

– It would be helpful and informative if 3-4 key texts were noted in a section entitled ‘References’ at the end of the article. These will be texts that you think helpful for students who may want to look into the work discussed further. In the article, any references mentioned need only to be introduced in an informal way.

– Ideas for accompanying pictures for articles are welcomed by the design team.

And Finally:

All articles can be written with the guidance of our editorial team, who are happy to talk through any ideas prospective writers may have.

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