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A Conversation With Playwright Flo Read

By Julyan Oldham. Since Flo Read’s Twin Primes won Best Script and Best Production in the 2015 Oxford New Writing Festival, she has gone on to develop several more acclaimed plays. Her work has been performed both nationally and internationally, including at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and 2016. She recently graduated from Oxford University with… Continue reading A Conversation With Playwright Flo Read

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Doris Salcedo’s Untitleds

By Julyan Oldham. Picture a room: spacious, with blank-white walls, it seems the height of impersonality. From this coldness loom dozens of furniture pieces, every crevice suffused by cement, figures of unapologetically brutal beauty. Some contain embedded hair, bone and even clothing. The absence of a body becomes starkly physical; concrete seeps into every inch of… Continue reading Doris Salcedo’s Untitleds

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Finding an inner voice through outer expression in the music of Meredith Monk

By George Chambers "Sometimes in the past when I was going to perform a piece again I would listen to old recordings and try to reproduce the material. This time I realized that carrying around old information, trying to get everything in, and still be in the moment just doesn't work."  Meredith Monk The compositional… Continue reading Finding an inner voice through outer expression in the music of Meredith Monk

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Project Juno: Trudy Coe and Women in Physics

Click here to read the extended version of this interview. Gaia Donati talks to Trudy Coe, Project Juno Officer in the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, 26th January 2011. I am very grateful to Carrie Leonard-McIntyre for putting me in touch with Trudy Coe, who is currently working for the Department of Physics at the University… Continue reading Project Juno: Trudy Coe and Women in Physics

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Elinor Ostrom and Economic Governance

By Eleanor Connolly. This year Elinor Ostrom became the first ever female recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Ostrom's win was revolutionary for her gender, but more importantly because the research she was awarded for has overturned commonly held assumptions about basic human economic interaction. The prize was shared Oliver E. Williamson for… Continue reading Elinor Ostrom and Economic Governance

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Kate Mosse: the other Kate

By Clarissa Pabi. Kate Mosse may not canter down catwalks like the other Kate, but she is a model of great importance nonetheless.  A BBC broadcaster, best-selling author, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, co-founder of the “Orange Prize for Fiction” and the “Chichester Writing Festival”, Kate’s contributions to the arts go on ad infinitum. … Continue reading Kate Mosse: the other Kate

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‘If I have any goal in fashion, it is to help women express their strength.’ – Diane von Fürstenberg

By Rosie Pigott Perhaps one the most inspiring women in the history of fashion is Diane von Fürstenberg: creative designer, powerful entrepreneur and a firm believer in female independence. In 1976 she was described by Newsweek as the ‘new icon of female liberation and the most marketable designer since Coco Chanel’ following the release of… Continue reading ‘If I have any goal in fashion, it is to help women express their strength.’ – Diane von Fürstenberg

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Amanda Palmer and the ‘Rebellyon’: Sexism in the Music Industry

The 1990s, some might agree, were something of a golden age for feminist rock music – the emergence of the ‘riot grrl’ genre spear-headed by musicians such as Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill symbolised something of a perfect marriage between the anger and energy of punk and the D.I.Y. aesthetic of the grunge movement.  Sadly,… Continue reading Amanda Palmer and the ‘Rebellyon’: Sexism in the Music Industry

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Carol Ann Duffy

When considering influential women over the centuries, Carol Ann Duffy certainly holds her own. Born in 1955 to Frank Duffy and May Black, her dynamic, down-to-earth and personal writing has struck chords with a huge variety of people. Dealing with issues such as love, romance and a sense of rootlessness, Duffy's use of every-day language… Continue reading Carol Ann Duffy