Issue Six

From the Editor of Issue 6

Raffaella Tomassi. The diversity contained within this issue of Bluestocking only serves in my mind to highlight how important the task of investigating the intellectual and artistic achievements of women is. That women have been so exceptional throughout history, despite attempts to stifle their creativity is inspiring, for instance Emmy Noether’s perseverance in gaining a … Continue reading

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‘In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun’ and the Foundation of Japan’s First Feminist Journal

By Polly Stannard Although Hiratsuka Raichō’s career as a writer, campaigner and political activist spanned many decades, she is best known for her involvement with Japan’s premier women’s literary—and later feminist—journal, the aptly named Bluestocking (Seitō). In this article, I examine the impact of Raichō’s famous inaugural essay, ‘In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun’. … Continue reading

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Carol Ann Duffy: A chorus of female voices

By Charlotte Malcolm. Carol Ann Duffy’s recent appointment as Poet Laureate is a significant milestone for women in poetry. However, beyond this is the significance of Duffy’s work in giving women a voice. At the very heart of Duffy’s work lies equality; with careful consideration of social, cultural and historical factors, Duffy re-presents gender and … Continue reading

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A Woman Scorned: Catherine de’ Medici, Diane de Poitiers and the Creation of a Regal Iconography

By Leila Molana-Allen. It seems evident that, while female patrons often did commission the same types of art as their male counterparts during the early modern period, their sex had a powerful influence on the approach they took when commissioning these works. However, I would argue that this meant their personal and political motivations featured … Continue reading

20th century / Arts / Issue Six

Hedy Lamarr

How one of the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age became the grandmother of modern wireless technology By Sarah Illingworth.   Having come to the attention of Hollywood producers after starring in the first non-pornographic movie to portray sexual intercourse and the female orgasm, Hedy Lamarr went on to co-invent an early form of spread spectrum … Continue reading