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Louise Dupin: Bluestocking’s 18th Century Predecessor

By Sophie Dowle. Long before Bluestocking Journal was publishing articles on great women, Louise Marie-Madeleine Dupin (1706-99), a French saloniste, compiled and began writing a book on the history of women: Ouvrage sur les femmes. Unfortunately, this work was never fully completed, and the many boxes of notes, drafts and copies that Madame Dupin had… Continue reading Louise Dupin: Bluestocking’s 18th Century Predecessor

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Interview with Professor Martha Nussbaum

Alice Theobald interviews Martha Nussbaum American Philosopher Martha Nussbaum is the current Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, appointed in the Law School and the Philosophy Department at the University of Chicago.  She has previously taught at Harvard, Brown and Oxford. She has also chaired the Committee on the Status of Women,… Continue reading Interview with Professor Martha Nussbaum