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‘Laetitia Pilkington’ by Virginia Woolf

By Virginia Woolf This article was first published Woolf's 'The Common Reader' in 1925. Let us bother the librarian once again. Let us ask him to reach down, dust, and hand over to us that little brown book over there, the Memoirs of Mrs. Pilkington, three volumes bound in one, printed by Peter Hoey in… Continue reading ‘Laetitia Pilkington’ by Virginia Woolf

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Georgia O’Keeffe and Virginia Woolf

By Claire Thomas The closest that the American painter Georgia O'Keeffe and the English writer Virginia Woolf physically came was in the pages of the May 1925 volume of the modernist literary magazine, The Dial. Images of O'Keeffe's twin works, The Flagpole, preface Woolf's The Lives of the Obscure, an essay on the unexpected profundity… Continue reading Georgia O’Keeffe and Virginia Woolf

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Virginia Woolf and the search for A Room of One’s Own

By Joanna Kieschnick Virginia Woolf is celebrated for her innovative modernist novels, particularly Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and The Waves. However, her essays are often overlooked. As a woman writer, Woolf was passionate about proving that women were just as creative and intelligent as men and equally capable of producing quality writing. Woolf often… Continue reading Virginia Woolf and the search for A Room of One’s Own