Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

by Julyan Oldham. I love podcasts: the ease of listening to someone’s voice, the stories they tell, the people they connect.  Though men currently host around 70% of the most popular podcasts, contributions by women are just as varied, informative, and entertaining. There are so many wonderful podcasts out there that this list barely scratches the… Continue reading Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

20th century, Arts

Hedy Lamarr

How one of the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age became the grandmother of modern wireless technology By Sarah Illingworth.   Having come to the attention of Hollywood producers after starring in the first non-pornographic movie to portray sexual intercourse and the female orgasm, Hedy Lamarr went on to co-invent an early form of spread spectrum… Continue reading Hedy Lamarr

20th century, Science

Grace Hopper: Pioneer of programming and ‘Man of the Year’

By Maike Kaufman In 1969 the US Data Processing Management Association awarded its first annual 'Man of the Year' Award for outstanding contributions to the information processing industry. That year's chosen recipient, although a pioneer in the area of computing, was nevertheless an unusual one: Captain Grace Murray Hopper, the first 'Man of the Year',… Continue reading Grace Hopper: Pioneer of programming and ‘Man of the Year’