Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

by Emily Oldham. I love podcasts: the ease of listening to someone’s voice, the stories they tell, the people they connect.  Though men currently host around 70% of the most popular podcasts, contributions by women are just as varied, informative, and entertaining. There are so many wonderful podcasts out there that this list barely scratches the… Continue reading Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

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Madame de Staël – Literature, Society and “Woman”

By Helen Craske “Un homme doit savoir braver l’opinion; une femme s’y soumettre” [Delphine] (“A man must know how to defy opinion; a woman, how to obey it.”[1]) Madame de Staël has been called ‘one of the most important women in history’ (Bowman, in Dixon, 2009, p.9), and this is for her impact over politics,… Continue reading Madame de Staël – Literature, Society and “Woman”