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Amanda Palmer and the ‘Rebellyon’: Sexism in the Music Industry

The 1990s, some might agree, were something of a golden age for feminist rock music – the emergence of the ‘riot grrl’ genre spear-headed by musicians such as Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill symbolised something of a perfect marriage between the anger and energy of punk and the D.I.Y. aesthetic of the grunge movement.  Sadly,… Continue reading Amanda Palmer and the ‘Rebellyon’: Sexism in the Music Industry

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Rosalind Franklin

By Chloe McIvor Rosalind Franklin was a British scientist who made one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century. Her work on X-ray diffraction images of DNA is responsible for her fame after death but she is renowned for being unappreciated in life. She is now recognised for playing an important role in… Continue reading Rosalind Franklin

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Carol Ann Duffy

When considering influential women over the centuries, Carol Ann Duffy certainly holds her own. Born in 1955 to Frank Duffy and May Black, her dynamic, down-to-earth and personal writing has struck chords with a huge variety of people. Dealing with issues such as love, romance and a sense of rootlessness, Duffy's use of every-day language… Continue reading Carol Ann Duffy