Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

by Julyan Oldham. I love podcasts: the ease of listening to someone’s voice, the stories they tell, the people they connect.  Though men currently host around 70% of the most popular podcasts, contributions by women are just as varied, informative, and entertaining. There are so many wonderful podcasts out there that this list barely scratches the… Continue reading Bluestocking Recommends… Podcasts by Women

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Germaine Greer – Feminist Icon of the Twentieth Century?

By Mathura Umachandran In the 44th US presidential election, gender politics constituted a vital stimulus for debate. From Senator Clinton's stand for the Democratic Nomination, through to Senator McCain's controversial choice of running mate in Sarah Palin and the high profile role that Michelle Obama played in her husband's campaign, women were dynamic and influential… Continue reading Germaine Greer – Feminist Icon of the Twentieth Century?

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The Second Sex

By EJ Tritton Simone de Beauvoir has often been described as the 'mother' of modern feminism, and her most famous work, Le Deuxieme Sexe (published in 1949) as its 'Bible'. Yet 'Feminism' is a remarkably ambiguous concept. Wikipedia defines it as "a number of movements, theories and philosophies that are concerned with issues of gender… Continue reading The Second Sex

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Virginia Woolf and the search for A Room of One’s Own

By Joanna Kieschnick Virginia Woolf is celebrated for her innovative modernist novels, particularly Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and The Waves. However, her essays are often overlooked. As a woman writer, Woolf was passionate about proving that women were just as creative and intelligent as men and equally capable of producing quality writing. Woolf often… Continue reading Virginia Woolf and the search for A Room of One’s Own