The Strangeness Within: Julia Kristeva and Cosmopolitanism

Cosmopolitanism has become a dirty word in twenty-first century politics. Postmodern progressivism and resurgent ethnonationalism, somewhat unlikely bedfellows, have together exposed the inadequacy of traditional cosmopolitan models to accommodate diversity. Under attack from both sides of the political spectrum, the prospect of global citizenship seems increasingly undesirable, passé and even suspect.

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A Conversation With Playwright Flo Read

By Julyan Oldham. Since Flo Read’s Twin Primes won Best Script and Best Production in the 2015 Oxford New Writing Festival, she has gone on to develop several more acclaimed plays. Her work has been performed both nationally and internationally, including at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and 2016. She recently graduated from Oxford University with… Continue reading A Conversation With Playwright Flo Read