Call for Articles: Breaking Up of the Bluestocking Club

Readers are invited to submit short comments (300-500 words) or articles (800 to 1200 words) relating to the etching  ‘Breaking Up of the Bluestocking Club’. This brief can be understood in many ways. Readers may prefer to focus on a particular aspect of the historical context, or the etching itself, or may wish to discuss the impact that the image has on a contemporary audience.

The painting of 1815 by Thomas Rowlandson depicts violence and humiliation among a group of intellectual women, and the reasons behind the chaos are not immediately obvious to the contemporary eye. The image raises many interesting questions not just about the representation of intellectual women in the early 19th century, but about the more general reactions of society to networks formed by women creative thinkers at this time. Comments and articles should be sent to the Bluestocking Editor: editor@blue-stocking.org.uk. You can also contact the editor if you wish to discuss your idea or approach informally before submission.