Would you like to write for Bluestocking? Then please send a short proposal for an article, no more than 150 words, to the editor as soon as possible (by the end of October 2013):

Final submissions would be around 1000 words and must focus on the contributions of an individual female figure throughout history. For detailed information on the journal and type of submissions we’re looking for, please visit our archives or email the editor at the above address.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Congratulations to the new sub-editorial team at Bluestocking!

We welcome Amaris Lee (Trinity) as Publicity Officer, Ella St George Carey (Pembroke) as Arts and Literature Editor and Riana Patel (Magdalen) as Humanities Editor.


New Editor, New Team!

The new editor of Bluestocking is now Claire Rodwell (St Anne’s) and applications to be sub-editors of the twelfth edition of Bluestocking are now open:

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Arts Editor, Humanities Editor, Science Editor and Publicity Officer.

CLOSING DATE: Midnight on Sunday, 26th May (end of 5th week).

SUB-EDITOR: Sub-editors are responsible for liaising with the Editor, acquiring articles relevant to their section and proof-reading and copy-editing these contributions. A background knowledge of the section area would be beneficial, as would any editorial experience. Applications welcome from all students based in Oxford. Most of the work would be over the summer but the role would last until end of Michaelmas 2013.

PUBLICITY OFFICER: Publicity officers are responsible for maintaining Bluestocking’s online presence, running social media platforms and organising launch events for the new issue.

If you think you have what it takes to fulfil either one of these positions, please contact the Editor with your CV and a paragraph detailing what you could bring to the role at:


Another fascinating Bluestocking email discussion between two opinionated readers, this time on the topic of ‘erotic capital’. Click the picture below to read more…



The drawings of Sylvia Plath – The Mayor Gallery, until 16th December.

30/09/11 With the publication of the October Issue of Bluestocking imminent, what better way to kick start it then with this fascinating email discussion on the topic of the role of political spouses.  Click on the picture below to read ….






Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM), click on the link below and  visit The Eve Appeal Site to find out more about the ‘Kiss of Life’ Campaign.


Women War Artists at the Imperial War Museum until 27th November


The Help is coming to the UK soon.


Make sure to visit ‘Women’s Views on the News’, a fantastic site which aims to redress the serious gender imbalance in the world’s media. According to the 2010 survey of the Global Media Monitoring Project women feature in just 10% of all news stories.  Visit the site to find out how the team are approaching this problem head on. 


Check out the new women’s history catalogue and research guide hosted by the London Metropolitan University. Great for school, life, and writing Bluestocking articles! :)

This engaging and poignant lecture by Aung San Suu Kyi explores the human aspiration to be free and acts as an excellent way to kick start our new blog section. Enjoy!

The Reith Lectures – Securing Freedom: 2011

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