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The Role of Political Spouses – A Discussion

From: Bronwyn Stippa Sent: 20 July 2011 19:23 To: Jack Campbell Cc: Subject: RE: Bluestocking Discussion Concerning the question of whether spouses should matter: As far as I can tell there are two camps: One argues that politicians’ personal lives … Continue reading

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Silent Witnesses: The Art of Frauke Eigen and Jenny Stolzenberg

 by Hannah Lee Walk into the Imperial War Museum’s current exhibition on women war artists and you are greeted by the determined face of Ruby Loftus engaged in the expert task of screwing a breech ring. The portrait was painted … Continue reading

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Finding an inner voice through outer expression in the music of Meredith Monk

By George Chambers “Sometimes in the past when I was going to perform a piece again I would listen to old recordings and try to reproduce the material. This time I realized that carrying around old information, trying to get … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Contribution: Women and the Home Guard

by Andrew Seaton,  The Home Guard, set up in May 1940, was a voluntary defence force in the Second World War tasked with being the first bulwark against an invading German army. In a broadcast on the 14th May, Anthony … Continue reading

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Mediating images of conflict: Muriel Paget, gender and philanthropy in the interwar years

By Eve Colpus, When philanthropist, society hostess and international celebrity Muriel Paget died in 1938, her Times obituary described her as ‘the second lady of the lamp’.[1] It was a purposive label, calling to mind another philanthropist and more famous … Continue reading

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Striking Out New Paths: Late Eighteenth Century Women Travel Writers and ‘Philosophic Geography’

By Will Tullett, “… the world should see, to how much better purpose the LADIES travel than their LORDS; and that, whilst it is surfeited with Male-Travels, all in the same tone, and stuft with the same trifles; a lady … Continue reading

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Labour Pains: Elizabeth Nihell and the Struggle to Champion Female Midwifery

by Frankee Bryant Concerns about the medicalization of childbirth and struggles to maintain ‘normality’ in labour have been at the forefront of debate within the discipline of midwifery since the 1980s. The achievements of modern medicine, with their undeniable benefits, … Continue reading

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A Life in the Stars: Henrietta Swan Leavitt

 by Estelle Cheuk  The remarkable mind who pushed the limitations of her time to make outstanding contributions to the field of astronomy Although largely unknown outside the fields of astronomy and astro-physics, Henrietta Swan Leavitt, made one of the most … Continue reading

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Peace, Politics, Gender and God: Beowulf and the Women Of Early Medieval Europe

By Eleanor Franzen Beowulf is not what one might call a feminine poem. The women whose lives and sufferings are described within it are not the immediate focus. No one thinks of the agony of Hildeburh or the canny political … Continue reading

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