20th century / Humanities / Issue Five

Germaine Greer – Feminist Icon of the Twentieth Century?

By Mathura Umachandran In the 44th US presidential election, gender politics constituted a vital stimulus for debate. From Senator Clinton’s stand for the Democratic Nomination, through to Senator McCain’s controversial choice of running mate in Sarah Palin and the high profile role that Michelle Obama played in her husband’s campaign, women were dynamic and influential … Continue reading

19th century / Issue Five / Science

‘I do like a contest with the bigwigs’: How Mary Anning Struck Scientific Gold

By Jack Coombs Mary Anning is a name little known, even in the fields of palaeontology, and geology, which she so influenced. Born in 1799 in Lyme Regis, Dorset, she was conveniently placed, both in an era when these early sciences were set to undergo a renaissance of advancement, and beside a three-mile long stretch … Continue reading

Humanities / Issue Five / Medieval

Julian of Norwich

By Nimneh Hyde Until recently, there has been a dearth of scholarship focusing on the writing of medieval women. The big names, with 15th Century Lady Margaret Beaufort as their star, have become minor celebrities, but there are many others whose work has not been appreciated. The potential range of this body of work is … Continue reading