20th century / Humanities / Issue Four

“From a young woman eager to learn to an old woman expected to know”: Elizabeth Colson

Elizabeth Colson’s love affair with anthropology By Gaynor Cohen It was in 1978, at Stanford University in California that I was directed to the tiny lady on the other side of the crowded room. Could this really be the legendary ‘giant’ of my undergraduate years? As a student of social anthropology, I had been reared … Continue reading

20th century / Arts / Contemporary / Issue Four

A Homage to Grace Jones: Icon of Incoherence

By Kate Kingsbury Grace Jones has gained international fame both within the music industry and on screen due to her androgynous image which challenges gender stereotypes and questioning of racial norms. It has been difficult for women in the music and cinematographic industries to escape the strait-jackets of normative gender roles, yet they- more than … Continue reading

20th century / Humanities / Issue Four

The Second Sex

By EJ Tritton Simone de Beauvoir has often been described as the ‘mother’ of modern feminism, and her most famous work, Le Deuxieme Sexe (published in 1949) as its ‘Bible’. Yet ‘Feminism’ is a remarkably ambiguous concept. Wikipedia defines it as “a number of movements, theories and philosophies that are concerned with issues of gender … Continue reading

20th century / Issue Four / Science

Irene Joliot-Curie: Pioneer of Atomic Science

By Harriet Teare Irene Joliot-Curie’s success as a scientist, principally involved in continuing the investigation into artificial radiation, rivalled even that of her mother, Marie. This article intends to briefly explore some of the outstanding science that led this woman, as part of a collaboration of husband and wife, to some of the extraordinary findings … Continue reading